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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Parade pictures

This was an amazing thing to witness!We were able to walk amongst the floats while they were waiting to take their place in the parade.To see the entire parade pass by can take up to 8 or more hours. We walked to the front of the parade and then walked to the end.....we were able to see the whole parade in about 3 hours................ we took almost 200 pictures.
Here are some of the pics we took along the way..................
The star of the parade.



  1. Hi Guys,

    Have been following your move to Ecuador since last January. We are from Kimberley, B.C. and are planning a move to Ecuador when we sell our business. We were going to come this January but changed our minds and went to the West Indies. Cold feet! You are brave to have made the move and was wondering if I am able to email you to ask some questions? I have done a lot of research and am learning Spanish, or was, until our season picked up and I got too busy with work.

  2. hi Chris.
    I love the West Indies!
    Levae me your email if you want and I will send you mine.

  3. Just found your blog tonight and have read every word...we are fellow Canadians who will be retiring to Ec in the fall if the house have given me hope as we plow thru what paperwork we need..we will be bringing our 2 chihuahuas and thats another round of paperwork ! I look forward to your next entry ! Kathleen