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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Official Retirement Date

My 60th birthday gift to myself was to set a retirement date and give notice at work.
December 23rd will be my last day of work.
Wow....that's less then two months away!

We went to the Ecuadorian Consulate on Friday and got some of our paperwork taken care of.

Met with a couple of realtors on the weekend and will be meeting with them again tomorrow to decide how and when we are going to market the house.

It seems so surreal.......... we really ARE doing this!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

In three days I start living life after 60!

60? Me? When did that happen? I just turned 40......
Guess what is what is happening now. Don't let it pass you by.

What a beautiful fall day in our lovely British Columbia! Nicer than most of the summer we had.

We are starting to get ourselves ready for the move to Cuenca.

Made contact with the attorney we have chosen in Ecuador, and got a list of the paperwork we need.
Police reports done. Apostille for Marriage license done.  Contact with Ecudorian banks done. First garage sale done.
Going to the Ecuadorian consulate next week for documents to be stamped or what ever it is that needs done.
House goes on the market soon. Hard to know how long the sale will take, so it's hard to know when to put it on the market......I say now, but Doug says after Christmas. He has visions of being homeless before we are ready to leave. I say cut the strings and fly!
We are shooting for late March or early April.
I am quitting work at the end of the year. YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!
That will give me the time to start selling our wordly possessions. I have been putting things on Craig's list and have sold some of the things we don't need. Funny how things become just that....things.
My thoughts on keeping stuff changes daily. Part of me says get rid of everything except our clothes (and a lot of them should stay behind....32 pairs of shoes? what am I....a catapillar?!?). Another part of me is wanting to put a few things into bins for storage for a while. How does a person decide?