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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Busy days

We have had a busy three days!

We were up early Thursday for a visit to the dentist and then home to pack for the move.
Our hired truck showed up right on time at noon and by 2 we were moved.
Our stove arrived right on time, but the fridge and washer/dryer were delayed temporarily.
By Friday all the appliances were delivered. The "technicos" will be here Monday to set up the washer and dryer and we will be good to go!
The living room furniture has arrived, and the dining room will be here by the end of next week, as will the two recliners for the den.
Friday found us out shopping for dishes and other things that we will need.
Funny thing about needs and wants............. I made a list of the things we wanted, then crossed off all the things that were not really needed and the list was more then halved. We are not doing "without".
We are just keeping our life simple.

Saturday found us at the Mall rounding up a few odds and end. Now we can take a break from shopping and enjoy the place.
After the rest of the furniture arrives we can take our time decorating each room.

Here is my awesome new kitchen............

 I will post more pictures as we do each room.

 Life is very good..............

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Moving day

Today we started moving stuff into the new apartment.
Furniture and appliances have all been ordered and some items have all ready been delivered.
Our washing machine and refridgerator are lost somewhere between here and Quito and we haven't been able to get an answer as to when it will arrive.
Hopefully everything will be in place by the end of next week.
Back in Canada we would be having a fit and getting stressed over this, but, somehow, here it doesn't get to us as much. Everything at it's own pace and in it's own time............

Things have been going pretty well. The internet installation was done today and the TV cable company comes tomorrow.
We will be moving our things from our current place tomorrow and by tomorrow night we will be staying in the new place.

The past 3 and 1/2 months have gone so fast! I will be glad to get settled into a real home. Seems like we have been on vacation  and I ready to start retirement!

I have lost the internet connection several times while trying to make this post so i will leave you with a few pics and post more tomorrow night. I will be so happy to be in the new place and have a better connection!

This is the living room:

The dining room  :                                                                                                                               
The kitchen: