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Monday, 26 March 2012

Good bye House

It's 4:40 Monday afternoon.

Me, the dog, four suitcases, and the laptop are all that is left in the house.

I'm sitting here on the floor by the fireplace drinking a bottle of beer I found when I did the last refridgerator wipe down.

Doug has made the last run to put a few items into storage at his Mom's.
When he gets back, we will head to his sister's to stay untill our paperwork makes it to the Ecuador Consulate in Richmond.
Hopefully that will be in the nrext 48 hours or so.

Then, we get a flight and head to Quito.

Is this real!???

Thursday, 22 March 2012

4 more nights in our house

Wow.....that was fast.

Both vehicles and all our funishings have been sold.
New owners get the house on Monday.

The only thing holding us back after that is waiting for the Ecuadorian consolate in Vancouver to recieve the paperwork from Ecuador. They say 10-14 days from the original approval date, which would be as early as Tuesday,but, I don't expect things to be that quick. Hope it's soon. Couch surfing will get old real fast.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Residecy Approved!

It's official......we are now legal residents of Ecuador!
Within two weeks the visas will arrive at the Ecuadorian Consolate in Vancouver and we will get our passports stamped and be on our way.

The hurry up and wait game is over.

We have gone from being too far ahead of ourselves to wondering how we will get everything done in the next 20 days or so...........
Doug finishes work on Thursday.
We will start the BIG garage sale on Saturday.
We surrender the house on the 27th.............
Have to sell the  car and truck.....
......pack the two crates and get them into storage...........get the dog certfied to travel........oh yeah.... better start looking for air fare......oh my......
I am so excited....and frightened.....and everything in between!